Lines in the show are yabo亚博体育下载419ighly praised as down

For example, in the first episode, when Tong Wenjie scolded her son after he made tro

uble at school, her line – “Don’t call me mom. I’m not your mom,” – went viral on the internet ayabo亚博体育下载419品茶微信

s many viewers commented that was exactly what they heard their mothers say in anger.

yabo亚博体育下载419Moreover, important news in the past year such as martial arts novelist Louis Cha’s death and the d

ownward pressure on China’s economy are ingeniously woven into the plot, making the plot much livelier.

Discerning audiences also point out all the dates in show are in strict accordance with the caleyabo亚博体育下载419品茶微信

ndar, and there are textbooks and reference materials stacked on students’ desks.

“There is no secret to producing a fine realistic series; the most important thing is to present a

s much reality as possible. Otherwise, the audience would find our show far-fetched,” the director said.yabo亚博体育下载419

The AI+Art Journey of Wonder, a special event that is part of the ongoing 2019 World Artifici

al Intelligence Conference, was held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai on Aug 29.

yabo亚博体育下载419品茶微信The event featured Luo Tianyi, one of the most popular Chinese virtual ido

ls developed by the Yamaha Corporation in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN In

formation Technology Co Ltd, who was the co-host alongside compere Zhou Junfu.yabo亚博体育下载419

The highlight of the event was an Italian robot playing the piano while singing a song accompanied by real singers.

The event also featured seven performances that integrated AI with modern dancers, folk s

yabo亚博体育下载419品茶微信ongs, Kun Opera as well as piano performances that were complemented with holograms and 3D images.

Dai Xiaorong, a professor at the Shanghai

Conservatory of Music who was the art director of the event,yabo亚博体育下载419

said that she found that AI can create more space and inspiration for

artistic creation and bring the audience a unique experience that integrates art, science and technology.

yabo亚博体育下载419China’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world’s largest single-dish radio telesc

ope, has identified 93 new pulsars since October 2017, the research team announced Friday.yabo亚博体育下载419品茶微信

A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star, which emits two beams of electromagnetic radiation.

Since the first time FAST reported it had found pulsars in October 2017, the telescope h

as already detected 132 promising pulsar candidates, 93 of them had been confirmed, the research team said.